Bowling Ball Arsenal Review

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With this product, we help you expand the range of performance of your existing arsenal.  We recommend surface adjustments to increase ball motion based on style of play and maximize on the design intent of the individual bowling balls.  Each service has a max of 6 bowling balls so you should choose the top 6 balls you throw most frequently.

Once you have purchased this product, follow these steps in order to expedite the receipt of your results.

Step 1: Take photos of your arsenal in these 3 specific formats:

Fingers and Pin Visible

Name of Ball Visible

Thumb Hole Up

Step 2: Place a piece of 1″ white bowler’s tape approximately 5″ to the right of the center of grip (for right handed players – left for left handed players). Take a video of yourself bowling. The video should highlight your release and the direction with which you are throwing the ball.


Step 3: Send this information via email to HELP@CTDBOWLING.COM.  In the email, you should include your PAP, favorite ball, least favorite ball and why.