Motiv Blue Coral Venom

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The Motiv Blue Coral Venom is the latest stage of evolution in the historic Venom line of bowling balls.  As the line turns ten years old, Motiv is proud to unveil the first ever hybrid asymmetric Venom.  The development of the Blue Coral Venom focused on versatility and benchmark reaction for moderately high friction surfaces or medium-dry lanes.  In many ways, this Venom is an upgrade from the wildly successful Venom Recoil.  The hybrid Coercion cover provides more traction in the oil than a Venom Shock with more continuation down lane than the Venom Recoil while the Gear APG core offers reliability and control.


The Infusion Hybrid reactive cover previously seen on the VIP Affliction and Forge Fire is now available at a substantially lower price point and paired with a proven core.  This cover provides traction in the oil with incredible control and continuation.  This rendition of Infusion Hybrid is finished to 4000 grit to allow clean motion through the front, but without sacrificing control down lane.


The Gear APG is known as the go-to core for Motiv staff on the PBA Tour.  When patterns are wet-dry, low volume, or short, the tour staffers seem to rely on the unique low differential asymmetric Gear APG core more than any.  The uniqueness of the Venom line has always been the impressive strength and versatility of the balls considering their low differential and radius of gyration.  Add to that uniqueness an intermediate differential of .013 and you have a core unlike any other.  Bowlers are able to use a more aggressive coverstock from shallower angles than other balls allow because of the lower differential and the asymmetry of the ball helping it to get forward through the pins.

When to Use:

Speed Dominant Bowlers

For speed dominant bowlers, this will be a medium dry lane ball for use at shallow angles.  While many balls for medium-dry to dry lanes tend to skip past the break point for speed dominant bowlers, the high performance coverstock on the Blue Coral Venom will have no trouble gripping the lane.  Additionally, the Gear APG core allows players who like to play straighter to do so with more ease.  This should be a great ball for speed dominant players to play more direct on fairly dry lanes.

Balanced Bowlers

Bowlers with speed and rev rate that match will find many uses for the Blue Coral Venom, due to the versatility it offers.  This Venom has more traction in the oil than any before it.  The Blue Coral Venom has more traction in oil than the Venom Shock, and offers much more control than the Fatal Venom.  Balanced bowlers will be able to use the Blue Coral Venom from a variety of angles on medium to medium-dry lanes when other Venoms can’t dig in the oil, but other high performance balls are just too strong.

Rev Dominant Bowlers

For rev dominant bowlers the Blue Coral Venom is a perfect benchmark ball.  Due to lower speed or higher rev rates, players of this classification often need to “ball down” from what balanced or speed dominant bowlers would use.  While the Blue Coral Venom is classified as a medium-dry oil ball, for those who are rev dominant it is a benchmark that offers moderately clean and controllable ball motion.

Color Navy Solid / Sky Blue Pearl
Core Gear APG
Coverstock Coercion™ MFH Reactive
Factory Finish 4000 Grit LSP
Weights 12-16lbs
Ball Motion Continuous