Bowling...It's not as easy as it looks

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This week we have Guest Writer Matt Riley from Australia.  Matt is a fitness buff with tried and true methods for healthy living.  The photo is Matt's before and after for his fitness journey.  If you like what Matt has to say, remember you can get more useful information like this by joining our staff. Because #Education is #CreatingtheDifference.


This past weekend was a 2 day event in Queensland, Australia. It was 30 plus degrees Celsius outside in a centre that doesn’t have the best aircon.


Unlike the majority of bowlers in the sport I dedicate a lot of time to fitness and nutrition as well as time on the lanes.


I’m always getting asked over social media about what I eat while I travel, what I eat while I’m bowling or what do I snack on.


The answers are pretty easy and it’s not complicated.


Each time I am away I always book a hotel with a gym or close to a gym chain I’m a member of. I wake up early and head to the gym for a cardio session and a light weights session.


Once I’m finished I will head for a good hearty and healthy breakfast. This will include proteins, carbs and of course healthy fats.


Now the hard part while at the bowl is of course what to eat as selections are very limited and usually consist of deep friend food or toasted sandwiches.


In this case, I will opt for snacks and below is a list of what I will take with me


  • 2 x bananas
  • 1 bag of grapes
  • 2 to 3 protein bars


Most importantly water. Drink as much as you can, I usually buy 2 x 1.5 litre bottles from the 7/11 before I go to the bowl and I drink them all my time inside the centre.


Once I’m finished bowling and depending the time I will head to get food, normally it’s a grilled piece of meat or if its late I will find a subway and have a  6 inch multi grain roll

This has given you a quick insight into what I do


My next blog I will go throw some workout routines and my supplementation guide.


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Matt Riley Bowling